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November 6, 2018… I have held more than 7 workshops for Quilt a Murder and the results are wonderful. Please visit my Facebook page: Quilt a Murder to see pictures of all the beautiful blocks and even some completed blocks!!


When asked, “What was your favorite feature of the program?” these are the comments I have received:

“Loved the story each month”
“Loved seeing all the different squares each of us made each month”
“The challenge of making different blocks was great”
“Lauren “took you there” to the murder”
“All the different colorful characters made it so much fun”

This program has been used as a “pizza box” swap program. If you have relatively experienced quilters you can use this program in a unique and exciting way. We all gathered our own collection of fabrics and then each session we “swapped” pizza boxes and we made a block from one another’s fabrics. At the end of the program, we each had 12 blocks made by 12 different quilters. See the “Photos” page to see the many different fabrics and blocks we had at the end of the program. Also, at the end of the program the “Murderer” is arrested! (Our murderer for that program was the quilt shop owner, Donna Pasco and you can view her “arrest” on the “Photos” page as well! Each program will have a different “murderer”. 

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