Maria and Rose walked out of the quilt shop in Daisy City into the sweltering heat with their arms full and came across a puddle…”Doesn’t that puddle look like the red fabric you just bought?” AAAAAHHHH That was not just a puddle of water, it was a puddle of blood! 

And so begins the mystery…. who did it? 

Welcome to Quilt a Murder or Murder a Quilt….whichever comes first! 

You may think this is just another mystery quilt but you would be DEAD wrong!! In this program you combine a murder mystery with the intrigue of quilting. I warn you. It is addictive! (Not the murder but the quilting….hopefully.) You and your group will participate as “suspects” in a murder mystery. At the same time you will be creating a beautiful work of art by making quilt blocks!! This program is creative, informative and FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!! What could be more exciting?

Please visit the About QAM page to see how you and your guild or customers can join in the fun. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments! 






3 thoughts on “Home

  1. We did the Quilt a Murder or Murder a Quilt in our guild last year. It was fun seeing who the new suspect was each month and the evidence against them. The story was great and we looked forward to hearing the next chapter every month. It was really great seeing all the ideas for the blocks each month and it was challenging deciding on what block to make each month. I had a second set of different fabrics at home that I made practice blocks with before making the block for one of the other “suspects.” So now I have two BOM quilts. One that my friends created for me and one showing the blocks I made for everyone else. I hope we will be doing it again in the near future. Next time I’m going to use the same material for my practice quilt as I use for the real one, combine all 24 blocks and make a larger quilt. It really was a great experience. I would highly recommend this to your guilds or group of quilting friends. I know you will want to do it again once you’ve tried it.

  2. Name: Betty Wojtowicz
    Email: betty@darthcoder.net
    Comment: Our guild did the “Quilt a Murder or Murder a Quilt” last year. I had a blast doing this program. It was so much fun to play with others’ fabrics and decide how to make the blocks. The story was very intriguing and any one of the suspects could have been the murderer. It turns out, however, that my character was the murderer. I was “arrested” and carted off to jail! Great, great program!

  3. I am also in the guild with Gayle and Betty and enjoyed participating in the “Quilt a Murder or Murder a Quilt” round robin last year. It was so much fun! I have always enjoyed round robins, but this one had the added excitement of the murder mystery. Each month along with learning more about one of the suspects, we got a clue as to what kind of block to make. I was amazed at all the creative ways that clue was incorporated into the blocks. It was also interesting to work in so many different fabric assortments, and I learned a lot and my appreciation of fabric and quilting was really increased. It was a great program and I hope we get a new mystery to solve soon.

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